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No​velist and screenwriter

I have been writing for over 15 years, perfecting my craft and honing ​my skills in the form of screenplays, plays and novels. I am a writer ​who strives to create powerful pieces in diverse mediums that delve ​into the human experience.

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My Journey

Keshia C. Willi is the author of both ​fantasy and thriller novels. She was ​born and raised in the mountains ​of the Shenandoah Valley in ​Virginia. Her writing has been a ​lifelong journey which has led her ​down many paths, including ​screenwriting, script consulting, ​and novel writing. Her latest ​thriller novels, JOHNNY BE GOOD ​and BEWARE THE WOLF, were both ​featured on Amazon’s Top Hot New ​Releases List for Psychological ​Thrillers. Her love of writing is ​equally matched by her love of ​reading, and her To Be Read list ​just keeps growing.

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Ailadwr has been raised on his mother's tales of fays, demons, and magical creatures, of the light and the dark, told around the fire. Scoffers deride such stories as mere "fire tales," However, Ailadwr believes. His belief comes to life when he encounters the fairest of the fays, Aeddefa, and love steals his heart.

When his father dies by the hand of cruel oppression, Ailadwr, strengthened by his discovery that the fire tales are true, goes in search of the magical sword, Maelcethin with which to set his people free. He quickly learns that freedom comes at a great cost. He seizes Maelcethin and unleashes all the powers of both light and darkness into the world. Demons, fays, and men all hungry for power, collide in a war for supremacy, and a chance to settle ancient scores. Ailadwr is launched into a battle not only for his life, but his soul.

Now available on Kindle, Audible,and paperback on Amazon.

My Work

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the sequel to fire tales

Magic is dying, and the world with it. Man

has forgotten his past, but Aeddefa the Fay

remembers, and she has returned to the land of Men to restore the birthright of the Fae. Now she must face her greatest enemy, Siodadel the False, who threatens to destroy all of Magic and the world of the Fae. To conquer her foe, Aeddefa must raise the dead.

Now available on Kindle and paperback

on Amazon. Audible version coming soon.

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"Johnny be good," that's what his mother always told him. Johnny's all grown up now and he's still being good. He's so good that he's almost invisible, which is a very good thing indeed for a hunter. None of the women he meets realize there is another, not so good side, to Johnny until it's too late.

Then, he meets Samantha. She sees him for what he is and turns his world upside down. That he has a penchant for slicing and dicing young women doesn't seem to bother her at all. Why should it? She has just killed her date. Now that they have each other, what else is there for him to do but--road trip!

Now available on Kindle, Audible, and paperback on Amazon.

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People are not always as they first appear to be. Their intentions are not always pure. The disguises people wear may be quite clever, but they cannot outlive the nature of the beast nor mask its deepest desires forever. The truth is more enduring. When the mask slips, as it must, the faces beneath may be frightening, perhaps not altogether human.

Beware the Wolf rips away the masks and forces us to look upon the true, dreadful faces of human predators who stalk the indifferent and the innocent.

Now available on Kindle, Audible, and paperback on Amazon.

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Praise for Fire Tales

I bought and began reading not knowing too much about the ​soon-to-be 'series', and I found it to be a very good flowing story, ​and actually very interesting, descriptive, extremely creative in ​character development (always a plus!), and a joy to get into. I ​have met the author and she is very sweet, loves writing, is truly ​talented and creative, and smart! I highly encourage you to buy ​this great story book. You will like it! Recommended.

This book is awesome! It’s basically Lord of the ​Rings narrated by Shakespeare!!!

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Praise for Johnny Be Good

Psychological Thriller that will draw you into the twisted life of a ​serial killer and leave you with sympathy for the devil.

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Praise for Beware the Wolf

If you like short stories with mystery and surprise, chilling ​endings, this book will not disappoint! My new favorite author!

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March 1, 2025 - Books, Authors & Publishers Fair

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